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Welcome to St. James Physical Therapy. Helping people feel better in the Phoenix area for over 30 years.


By educating and empowering our patients, letting them accept accountability for their rehabilitation and creating a solid foundation for positive results. As a patient, you will enjoy taking an active part in your personalized treatment, with the ultimate goal in mind of returning to your pre-symptomatic condition through education and practice of home based stretching, strengthening and posture related exercises.



Our Process to get you better

Our process of hands on treatment and empowering our patients, letting them accept accountability for their rehabilitation and creating a solid foundation for positive results.

  • In Depth Evaluation

    Identifying cause of dysfunction not just identifying pain.

  • Hands on Treatment

    manual therapy techniques with(appropriate modalities)

  • Strengthening

    Individually prescribed rehabilitation exercises

  • How to continue being healthy

    transition to home exercise program allowing patient to manage their symptoms independently

Our Specialty

There are many reasons people seek out physical therapy, these are just a few areas that St. James Physical Therapy excel in.

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Commonly Asked Questions

When trying to change irritated tissues, some pain can be expected. The overall treatment goal is to treat the cause of pain and restore function.

Exercise are an extremely important tool in the rehabilitation process to correct dysfunctional issues that have caused restrictions and pain in the body. Also, it is very important for patients to learn specific exercises that will help them manage their problem once therapy has been discontinued.

The length of treatment time varies from patient to patient and is directly dependent upon multiple issues. The PT and patient will both be a part of determining the appropriate time required to achieve the patient's goals.

At St. James physical therapy your rehabilitation is personalized and you will be working with one physical therapist throughout her care.

  • “St. James Physical Therapy is the best possible place to go in the valley for assistance after injury or surgery. The front office is compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable about insurance.The therapy assistant is very helpful. Dennis St. James is a master physical therapist who uses soft tissue manipulation as well as ultrasound, laser and traction techniques on all body parts. Office visits combined with the reasonable home exercises worked wonders for me.”

    Peggy Hesley

  • “I am a former bicycle racer who has had surgery on both knees before because of injuries due to cycling. So I have had physical therapy in the past and it was never this in depth. Justin's understanding of the interrelationships of all parts involved in the proper function of the knee was impressive. He know exactly what to do in every situation. I never lefty once feeling like my issues were not addressed. He had a true interest in my ability to function at 100%. ”

    Don Schultz

  • “Dennis St. James Physical Therapy is not only a place that I referred my patients to, but it's a place where I would send my own friends and family. Dennis and his staff offer high-quality, one-on-one physical therapy that is carefully tailored to each patient.”

    Pooja Mundrati / DO

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